Raw Lamp Tripe Chunks (2lb)


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This smelly superfood provides many health benefits to our furry four-legged pals.

Raw green tripe contains:

Probiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria, Digestive enzymes (including the ones that carnivores can’t make themselves, like amylase),The perfect balance of calcium to phosphorus (1:1 ratio), The perfect ratio of omega 3s to omega 6. A high concentration of amino acids, Several key nutrients, such as choline and calcium, High levels of vitamins and minerals, one of the main green tripe benefits is that it contains ample manganese.

As Innovative Veterinary Care points out:

“Dogs and cats do not naturally produce amylase, so the nutrients present in vegetative matter are not readily available to them. Raw green tripe contains not only digestive enzymes, but in most cases, some pre-digested green matter as well. This combination of enzymes and nutrients provide pets with a nutritional powerhouse.”

Tripe has a chewy, textured quality,  green tripe is often referred to as the “toothbrush of meats.”  The consistency of the meat helps floss and stimulate the dog’s gums and scrape away a buildup of plaque from the tooth enamel.