Dehydrated Salmon Skins


A crispy treat made from 100% Canadian-raised Salmon. Packed with Omega 3’s and protein, our dehydrated Salmon Skins help to support joint health, dental health, and skin health.

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Product Information

A crispy crunchy treat made from 100% Canadian-raised Salmon. Our Salmon Skin treats take a bit of effort to crunch through, which enables them to act as a toothbrush to clean away the plaque from your dog’s teeth.

You can’t get much healthier than salmon skins. They are high in easily digestible, high-quality proteins, oils and fats. These contribute to the rich concentration of omega-3, which helps to improve heart, eye, brain, skin and joint health.

Serving Guidelines: Supervise pet when feeding  treats. Always serve in moderation and never as a meal replacement.