Your Go 2



Product Information

2 x 15ml bottles packaged together – keep one at home and one with you (or the dog walker, in the car…etc) so that you have it close at hand.

First Response Homeopathic combination to address pain, shock, trauma, fever, disease, inflammation and more at the initial onset.

This is an excerpt from an article Julie Anne wrote for Dogs Naturally Magazine recently…

“If we could think of a magic pill that could shift the very beginning initial stages of disease, fever, shock, trauma or injury – that pill would be called ACONITE.

Many people think Aconite is just for fear – it is absolutely not! It can be given at the beginning signs of anything in the hopes of derailing the exciting cause.

You can give this remedy at the first signs of inflamed ears, GI upset, fear, trauma, injury, etc.

The next remedy is Arnica. We often think that Arnica is just for injury but that is certainly not the case!  Arnica can be useful for any kind of pain and/or inflammation that includes belly pain, intestinal pain, pancreas pain, tooth pain, ear ache, joint pain, pain from trauma, pain from a hotspot…the list goes on!

Because the pain reducing properties of Arnica do not work in the same way as a drug does (it doesn’t suppress the symptoms) but instead goes to the core of the inflammation, it can often even deal with an infection.

Arnica is listed in the material media for everything from infected skin to diarrhea. This remedy, along with Aconite can help to support you and your pet in the “immediate”.

I have seen these 2 remedies address acute flare ups of almost any kind and either derail the train wreck of a situation completely or support the tissue until treatment from the vet is administered (this can lessen the possibility of chronic disease as well). These remedies given en route to the vet can have a hugely positive impact in a life-threatening situation such as injury from being hit by a car, a dog fight, etc. “