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Because you want your pets to live the longest, healthiest life possible - TreuDatt

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Pet Photography This Saturday 10-3 at our Paws for a Cause Event

Pet Photos this Saturday. We are so excited to welcome Kelsey from Swamp Yeti Photography to our event this Saturday May 11th Paws for a Cause.
Photos will be available from 10-3 with 15 minute time slots for pre-booking that will take priority. Walk-ins welcome too.

$20 per photo or $50 for 3.
Photos will be print-quality digital files, payment taken on the day and you will receive your files via email within two weeks.
Feel free to message on the store fb for booking, call the store or message Swamp Yeti Photography.
We will need name, email, what type of animal and how many animals.
Thanks guys and we can't wait to see you all Saturday :)
Check her out on fb -
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