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Spaw for Pets and Paws for a Cause

by Store Staff 28 Apr 2024
Lots of exciting things in the works on the website and in store. We'll have more updates soon but for this one we'd like to welcome our new groomers Doug and Larissa as they start to grow Spaw for Pets. We would also like to share and let people know about our exciting event coming up on May 11th.


We recently welcomed two wonderful groomers to our team; Doug Simpson & Larissa De Bekker. Marking the beginning of our in store grooming - Spaw for Pets. Prices have been added to our grooming section on here and appointments can be made by calling the store directly or through fb at


Mark the date, May 11th is our spring vendors market. Come out and support not only a great selection of small local businesses but also help us raise money to support the new animal shelter being built here in St.Thomas.

Lots of different vendors and local businesses, pet photos, nail trims and meet our new groomers. Should be a fun day for all, come check us out.

Still a few spots available for vendors,
please contact the store for applications or contact on the event page
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