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Because you want your pets to live the longest, healthiest life possible - TreuDatt

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Welcome to July

Hey guys, lots of fun things happening this month.

We'll be heading to two events this month, we'll be at Pawsitively Elgin on July 20th then at the Dorchester Pet Fest July 27-28th. Be sure to come check out our booth and take advantage of our show specials.

Some new products available in store. We are trialing a new grooming product line; SOOS Pet Products which we have heard amazing things about so far.

We also have some more locally made art which is awesome to see and its really brightened up our store quite a bit.

Catio is in progress, for those who have yet to see we have started construction on a cat area in store where people are welcome to come and play with the bengal kittens when they come to visit. Might be an occasional sphynx or rescue kitty in too you never know. We still have lots of fun stuff to add but the bones are there. 

New monthly sales for July,

~ Pork Only (20% off)

~ Cat, Chicken, Turkey Rabbit (20% off)

~ Beef, Duck Salmon / EPI Blend (20% Off)


~ Raw Lake Smelt 2lb (20% off)

~ Raw Salmon Head 4pk (20% off)


~ All RFP dehydrated treats for the month of July, BUY 2 / GET 3 
(Loose and packaged, all sizes, mix and match available for same price items)

~ Paintings by Maria, 10% Off
 Lets get this lovely local artist some attention 

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