Feeding Guidelines

Feeding Guidelines

The following is a guide to help you choose the right diet for your pet.

Balance The Diet

Very yoru proteins. Try to include 3-6 different proteins into the regular diet.

Meals should include:

  • 75% Lean muscle meats
  • 15% Offals (Organs)
  • 10% Bone


  • 65% Lean muscle meats
  • 15% Offals (Organs)
  • 10% Bone
  • 10% Leafy greens (non-root vegetables)

Our Raw Foods contain the recommended nutrition mix.

Feed as Meats

  • Lean muscle meats
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Tongue
  • Tendons
  • Stomach (unbleached tripe)

Feed as Organs

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Spleen
  • Brain
  • Grizzard
  • Pancreas

Feed as Bone

  • Chicken necks
  • Beef brisket bone
  • Pork riblets
  • Turkey necks
  • Chicken backs/frames
  • Wings, feet, etc.

How Much to Feed?


Find the right raw food for your dog.


  • Always feed in moderation never as a meal replacement.
  • Supervise your pet with Chewy treats.
  • Look for dehydrated/ freeze dried with nothing added to them Canadian sourced treats. 

Treat Examples

  • Beef Lung/Liver
  • Chicken Breast Meats
  • Pig/Cow Ears
  • Pizzle
  • Sweet Potato Chews
  • Salmon Smelts
  • Dehydrated Apple

Checkout our Dehydrated Treats for healthy snack options.

Know your Poo

Variation in poop color and consistency is perfectly normal and to be expected, unless the dog is eating the exact same thing, day in and day out.  Unless a dog cannot control their bowel movements, has several liquid stools, or is passing bright red blood, try not to over think or over-complicate things.

If you think your dog is straining too much try adding in more water to diet and some fiber.

Transitioning to Raw food

When first transitioning to Raw food you may experience white poop or bone fragments in poop. Adding a digestive enzyme such as pancreas gizzards and/or green tripe during the transition may help break down bone better.

Colour Issue
White To much bone*
Black To much organ
Yellow Normal when diet consists of chicken
Runny Not enough bone or over feeding.
* Poop will turn white when in sun, inspect right away.