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Because you want your pets to live the longest, healthiest life possible - TreuDatt

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Monthly Sales for May


Hope everyone is enjoying this up and down spring weather we are having. Fingers crossed it stays dry for the event but I guess we'll see.


Our monthly specials for May are;

Raw meals;

Red Meat Blend & Chicken Lamb are 20% off all sizes


Dehydrated treats; 

- DH Rabbit Ears 1kg bags Only - 50% off

- DH Chicken feet - 50% Off

- DH Duck Hearts - 25% Off

Whole Raw;

- Raw Chicken drumsticks 10pk for $8.00 or 44lb case for $66.00 (While Supplies last!)

- Raw Rabbit Tenders 2pk -  25% off

- Raw Rabbit Heads - 50% off

Also Our Go Dog Retrieval Toys are 25% Off too (In store while supplies last)


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